Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

In the letter to the Chair and Secretary of the Member, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the Indian anti-pollution observer of the government, and to Gujarat, the senior environment of Rohit Prajapati and Krishnananant from Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti (PSS), has said that one of the largest rivers The state, Mahisagar, which flows from the capital of the culture of the country, Vadodara, has turned into a “disaster in movement.”

Gujarat Rivers are very toxic causing ‘great risks’ for livelihoods in cities, villages

Stop polluting the rivers” from “dying” in Gujarat, because of river pollution”

Forward videos and photos were taken on March 28, 2021, from the river in Dabka Village, Padra Talula, Vadodara Regency, in a letter to a senior official that “increases the basic questions for the authorities related to their commitment to stop polluting the rivers” from “dying” in Gujarat, because of river pollution” has reached a level that cannot be changed.”

Mahisagar River was also Sabarmati

 The letter regretted that the Mahisagar River was also Sabarmati, which flowed through Ahmedabad, issued pollution at around the point identified in the Gulf of Khambhat. Both of them bring “the concentration of waste and industrial waste, which are constantly disposed of to the Gulf of Khambhat, all the time”, it adds.

Gulf of Khambhat

“This meeting was very worrying and alarming we were worried that tidal activities in the Gulf of Khambhat moved very toxic and polluted waters in the estuary of the Mahisagar and Sabarmati River, causing extraordinary risks for settlements, villages, cities, life, and livelihoods in The area “, said environmental lovers.

floating chemical foam

The letter suspected, “It is possible that the waste thrown through the Sabarmati River to Khambhat Bay can also find its way in the Mahisagar River as shown by floating chemical foam that enters Mahisagar.”

Continuous wastewater and solid waste disposal and many untreated

It shows that “continuous wastewater and solid waste disposal and many untreated” has occurred for “more than three decades, which may form poisonous sediments in stretching along the Gulf of Khambhat”, the letter blames the Vadodara Enviro Limited channel “non-compliance Non-Compliance of Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) prescribed for this.

Authority of CPCB and GPCB

Urging the Authority of CPCB and GPCB “to take action quickly and investigate this problem very urgently through a healthy and independent expert committee, with strict monitoring every day”, environmental lovers warn, “if you can’t stop pollution”. , it will amount to the insult of the Supreme Court and the National Court order, and will produce “further action that fits on our side.”

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