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There are many attorneys practicing in Chennai India. The most renowned among these is Mr. Saravvanan R, a famous Chennai personal lawyer. He has won the cases relating to criminal cases, divorce, adoption, custody of children and other such cases. Some of his former cases have also become the basis for many movies, which have been released recently.

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A lawyer cannot discuss your case with anyone, unless he agrees to it. You must inform him at the time of the meeting about any important changes that have taken place in your case.

If you have any doubts in your mind about a case, you must consult a Chennai attorney, before you can't discuss it with anyone else. A lawyer's advice can help you out immensely in solving your legal problem in a very short time.

Personal Law: Search and Find the Best Lawyer in India


Even if you can't discuss your case with anyone else, you can still discuss it with your lawyer. However, there are certain restrictions that you will have to follow.

You can't discuss your case with your personal attorney, if you are under investigation. Even a single wrong move by your attorney may lead to your being charged with a case of obstruction of justice.

You can't discuss your case with anyone, if you want to stop the investigation or arrest of the people who are behind your case. Even a single wrong move by your attorney can cause your case to be dismissed.

A Personal Lawyer Is Your Guide to a Solvable Case

Lawyers who deal with cases on personal matters in Chennai India. The law is different from that of the rest of the world, especially in the case of personal law. It differs from the laws prevailing in England and is governed by different rules and regulations.

Personal law is divided into three main areas: criminal law, family law and contract law. Criminal law is concerned with criminal acts like murder, robbery, theft, rape, burglary, assault and other similar offenses. Family law deals with issues related to marriage, divorce, adoption, custody of children, guardianship, property disputes and related issues.

Contract law deals with contracts entered into by two or more parties like a mortgage, purchase agreement, consumer debt agreement, etc. The court will decide if the contract was made legally or not. It will also determine if the party who entered the contract has the authority to bind the other party. If the court declares that the parties are bound together under the contract, it will then appoint an advocate to represent you.

Qualified and experienced Legal professional 

You cannot discuss your case with anyone who has no legal knowledge. You must approach an attorney to deal with any legal issues you may encounter while dealing with the courts.

The personal lawyers are appointed by the courts after an extensive public examination. The examination involves an interview, review of all the records and documentation, background checks, background examinations and interviews, etc.

There are certain conditions that you should fulfill before you can't discuss your case with anyone. These conditions can be fulfilled by either hiring a private lawyer or a Chennai lawyer.

There are private firms, which are providing the services of Chennai personal lawyers. A personal lawyer who is a qualified and experienced Legal professional will provide you with expert advice from law. and will advise you from a legal point of view in your particular case.

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Top Personal Law Advocates in Chennai Rajendra Law Office offer Quality Legal Assistance Services. You get the great benefits of Problem resolving in a stipulated time and Avoid Complication. Meet Senior Counsels today and Get out of the issues. A lawyer cannot discuss your case with anyone without your permission. If you want to speak to someone, you must tell him or her that you wish to do so at the time of meeting.

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