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The tenant law is a branch of civil law that deals with various types of laws. The tenant law in Chennai is primarily focused on eviction, lease payments, and other related issues of tenants. The tenant has legal rights as well as the right to pay rent and be protected by the law and the tenants have the right to sue the landlord's agent in case of any unlawful actions against them.

Evict tenants

Landlords are allowed to evict tenants only if they are unable to pay rent in accordance to the laws and have not made any payment before the deadline. These landlords should firstly discuss the problem with the tenant. If the tenant is unable to come up with his rent then he should inform the landlord about it. Once the landlord finds out that the tenant is unable to pay his rent then he can contact the court and approach a judge for an eviction order. The judge will take the position of the landlord and will tell him whether he can make an eviction or not.

There are certain rules that must be followed while evicting a tenant from the property. If the tenant tries to evade paying the rent he will be thrown out of the property and will be evicted by the police. It is very important to note that no matter what the laws or rules are, the eviction of a tenant does not mean that he will not have any other chance to return to the property. Landlords are allowed to try and recover any amount from a tenant and the court will not hesitate in allowing the eviction.

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Legal action against the tenant

As long as the tenant pays his rent in accordance with the laws then the landlord can always legally evict the tenant. However, the landlord may also take the help of the police force or the judicial officers and take legal action against the tenant. The police force will help the landlord to evict the tenant in cases where the tenant has broken the laws of the land and has tried to break the law through illegal activities. Even if the tenant is being charged with a crime, he has the right to defend himself before the court.

Eviction from the property is also allowed in cases like those where the tenant has been accused of criminal acts or has been involved in any theft or other such activities. If the tenant is being evicted then there are some other things that the landlord has to do. heave before taking the eviction notice. The landlord has to write a letter to the tenant and warn him of his notice and the next time when the tenant violates the law the landlord will contact the court and demand the tenant to come up with the money.

Enforce the eviction

If the tenant fails to pay the notice and fails to come up with the money by the hearing date then the landlord can seek the help of the court to enforce the eviction. However, this is a much stronger case and involves heavy legal proceedings as compared to the eviction notice which is issued by the court.

Tenants have to have enough knowledge about the rules and laws before entering into a lease agreement. They also have to know about the legal options available before entering into an agreement and that is why it is advised that tenants should go through the laws in detail before entering into any lease agreement.

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